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Definition of cabalistic:
  • part of speech: (adjective)

    Pertainting to the Cabala, or Jewish secret science; mystic.

  • part of speech: (adjective)

    Having a secret meaning.

Usage examples for cabalistic:
“ Sam listened, his gnarled mahogany hand across his mouth, his shrewd gray eyes bent attentively on the cabalistic signs and scratches. ” The Silent Places, - Steward Edward White.
Here was the minister, looking singularly wide- awake, lively, and brisk for a man who had been up all night; here, too, sat the farm- hand who sent the cabalistic despatch when Frost went to Chicago, and the young man who heard the conversation down at the mill that Sunday night; here, too, sat Dick, looking pale but tranquil, and hither, too, presently came Mr. Frost, looking ghastly pale and very far from tranquil. ” Campaigning with Crook and Stories of Army Life, - Charles King.

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