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Definition of cachalot:
  • part of speech: (noun)

    The spermaceti whale.

  • part of speech: (noun)

    The sperm or spermaceti whale.

Usage examples for cachalot:
The Cruise of the Cachalot Idylls of the Sea, With Christ at Sea, A Whaleman's Wife, Sea Wrack, Sea Puritans, A Son of the Sea, Frank Brown, etc. ” A Short Biographical Dictionary of English Literature, - John W. Cousin.
This turn of the luck brought three things to pass: Roy Kilcup had his first chance in the boats during the chase; Brander killed his first whale as an officer of the Sally; and Noll Wing killed the last cachalot that was ever to feel his lance. ” The Sea Bride, - Ben Ames Williams.

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