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On the one side of the Admiralty is the senatorial palace, and beyond opens the English Quay, with a range of buildings that might well be called the residence of " merchant princes;" while the opposite bank is crowded with public buildings, among which the most conspicuous are the palace of the Academy of the Fine Arts; the Obelisk, rising in the centre of a wide square, recording the glory of some long- named Russian hero; the building of the Naval Cadet Corps, with its handsome front, and the barracks of the Guard of Finland; finally, the great pile of palace- like buildings belonging to the Military Cadet Corps, reaching nearly to the palace of the Academy of Sciences, and terminating with the magnificent Grecian front of the Exchange. ” Incidents of Travel in Greece, Turkey, Russia, and Poland, 7th ed. Vol. 2 of 2, - John Lloyd Stephens.
Knowing that his papers made no mention of his having been a cadet Hanlon took a chance on a course of action. ” Man of Many Minds, - E. Everett Evans.

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