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The simplest are those of the large Ichneumon flies: The mother fly lays an egg beneath the skin of the caterpillar. ” Butterflies Worth Knowing, - Clarence M. Weed.
“ Some species of Aristolochia, such as the A. serpentaria of North America, are supposed to act as a specific in the cure of snake- bites; and the A. Indica is the plant to which the ichneumon is popularly believed to resort as an antidote when bitten; but it is probable that the use of any particular plant by the snake- charmers is a pretence, or rather a delusion, the reptile being overpowered by the resolute action of the operator, and not by the influence of any secondary appliance, the confidence inspired by the supposed talisman enabling its possessor to address himself fearlessly to his task, and thus to effect by determination and will, what is popularly believed to be the result of charms and stupefaction. ” The Romance of Natural History, Second Series, - Philip Henry Gosse.

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