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Definition of Jacobitism:
  • part of speech: (noun)

    The principles of the Jacobites.

Usage examples for Jacobitism:
Knowing him from abroad, it was not impossible that the government- fearful of sedition since the disturbance caused by the South Sea distress, and aware of an undercurrent of Jacobitism might for a time, at least, keep an eye upon him. ” The Lion's Skin, - Rafael Sabatini.
Had Defoe confined himself to lecturing those hot Whigs who were so afraid of the secret Jacobitism of Harley's colleagues that they were tempted to withdraw their money from the public stocks, posterity, unable to judge how far these fears were justified, and how far it was due to a happy accident that they were not realized, might have given him credit for sacrificing partisanship to patriotism. ” Daniel Defoe, - William Minto.

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