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Onwards they flew, horses and riders, the whole pounding, mixing, ever- changing mass of them; jackets and caps of every hue flashing here and there- now in a huddled mass, now with this one in the lead, and again with that: a vast, ever- moving, ever- altering kaleidoscope that was, presently, hidden entirely from the main mass of the onlookers, by the surging crowd, the mass of drags and carriages of all sorts in the huge square of the central enclosure, and most of all by the people who stood up on seats and wheels and even the tops of the vehicles. ” Cleek: the Man of the Forty Faces, - Thomas W. Hanshew.
The pleasure which it imparts is the same as that which we derive from a kaleidoscope except in so far as it is ennobled by the fact of its emanating from a human mind instead of from a machine. ” Wagner's Tristan und Isolde, - George Ainslie Hight.

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