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Definition of narcotic:
  • part of speech: (noun)

    A medicine inducing sleep.

  • part of speech: (adjective)

    Having the power of producing drowsiness, sleep, or stupor.

  • part of speech: (noun)

    A medicine which, in small doses, relieves pain and produces sleep.

  • part of speech: (adjective)

    Inducing sleep or torpor.

Usage examples for narcotic:
But not with aching heart I sought thee now, That thou might'st numb with thy narcotic night The restless pulse, oblivious balm bestow, Infuse this frailty with thy glorious might, And blind with beauty to the mortal blight. ” Vacation Verse, - W. M. MacKeracher.
“ Some narcotic had evidently been mingled with her drink, for the white lids fell drowsily over her eyes, and she surrendered herself more and more helplessly to that evil embrace, dropping at last into a heavy slumber, that seemed like death. ” Mabel's Mistake, - Ann S. Stephens.

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