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“ Magdalene had still to learn this lesson painfully: that she was slow in learning it, proved the strength and obduracy of her will. ” Not Like Other Girls, - Rosa N. Carey.
The obduracy of the creditors may be assigned as the sole cause of this wretchedness; for although, in such circumstances, the unfortunate debtor had been willing to relinquish all his possessions; to surrender his land, his cattle, his stock, and every thing else of which he could boast of the possession; nothing short of payment in money could satisfy; and the ill- fated was doomed to experience the accumulated horrors of personal suffering, in addition to that which must arise from the idea that his sorrows extended themselves, with equal or superior bitterness, to those who were dear to him. ” The Present Picture of New South Wales (1811), - David Dickinson Mann.

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