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He was conscious that his own maxims, too, stood in some need of elevation and of correction, for he winds up with wise warnings against being carried away by a whirlwind or tempest of ambition; by the general reminder that all things are vanity and vexation of spirit, and the particular reminder that, " Being without well- being is a curse, and the greater being, the greater curse," and that " all virtue is most rewarded, and all wickedness most punished in itself"; by the question, whether this incessant, restless, and, as it were, Sabbathless pursuit of fortune, leaves time for holier duties, and what advantage it is to have a face erected towards heaven, with a spirit perpetually grovelling upon earth, eating dust like a serpent; and finally, he says that it will not be amiss for men, in this eager and excited chase of fortune, to cool themselves a little with that conceit of Charles V. in his instructions to his son, that " Fortune hath somewhat of the nature of a woman, who, if she be too closely wooed, is commonly the further off." ” Studies in Literature, - John Morley.
“ " I wonder," he mused aloud, " if it has the same Sunday look to these Sabbathless Italians as it has to us." ” Indian Summer, - William D. Howells.

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