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“ I will keep in touch with you on the ultra wave, the Captain concluded. ” Triplanetary, - Edward Elmer Smith.
She remained standing quietly, a pretty, almost fragile little figure, like a Dresden- china doll, but a very up- to- date doll, like a sketch by one of the ultra modern French draughtsmen, with the pointed little face below the elaborately- waved hair under the very large hat, a hat which, in the shape of its crown and the sweep of its feathers represented the very latest extreme of fashion and consequently attracted immediate attention in Holland, in these dignified rooms, while the light tailor- made costume looked too dressy for a summer morning at the Hague and a touch in every accessory- the sunshade, the tulle boa- proclaimed that the young woman was no longer of the Hague and of Holland, short though the time was since she had run away. ” The Twilight of the Souls, - Louis Couperus.

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